Morris Land & Long Horns

A Farm Legacy of over 60 years Morris Land and Long Horns became possible in the late fall of 2015 when a commercial row crop operation cancelled their lease on the farm owned by Art and Rilla Morris. Art and Rilla Morris have owned the farm since 1961 and did not want to see the farm go fallow. Jeff Morris, their son, formed the LLC to lease the farm and owns the operation. The family has over 100 years of combined beef cattle experience with such breeds as Herefords, Simmentals, Charlois, and bottle calves of Brown Swiss and Holstein. While all these breeds have their attributes, research shows that none compare to the Texas Long Horn.

Texas Long Horns were the original breed of the cattle empires built in the 1800’s. Formed by 400-500 years of natural selection, they are disease and parasite resistant and calve easily. University studies consistently show them to have longevity and productivity that exceeds nearly every other breed. It was these very characteristics that nearly bred them out of existence as the early ranchers crossed them with the less hardy European breeds.

Today we are pleased to offer the highest quality, naturally raised Texas Long Horn beef and registered breeding stock.